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Volusia County Chess Club

Tony and Richard tie for first

  Come be a part of our local chess club!


You've seen the show. You've played online. Now come be a part of a real live local chess club! Here you will meet people with your same interests. Find out how rewarding and different over the board play can be from online play. We have players of all strengths from beginners to experts, so you will fit in perfectly. Get the feel of real tournament chess with weekly club rated tournaments and see where you rank among the other members.

Please consider joining our Facebook Group, Volusia County Chess Club, which is updated constantly with chess news, games, puzzles, and more!

Check out the Links page for links to popular and local streamers and clubs as well as sites with resources to help you improve your chess.

Concerned about your health? We take every precaution. Facial coverings are required at meetings. Hand sanitizer is provided. We can space out as necessary. (Images on right are pre covid.)


We are currently located at GameMasters at 2550 South Nova Road in South Daytona Beach, Florida. Contact Tony C at (386) 316-3700 for more information


Latest Club Rated Tournament:

Nov 23 2021 Results
No. Name Rate Post Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5  
1 Cipollina, Anthony 2045 2041 4 L8 W7 W4 W2 W3  
2 Senko, Richard 1852 1866 4 W5 W4 W3 L1 -B-  
3 Weiss, Ed 1831 1828 3 W6 W8 L2 W5 L1  
4 Hanft, Andrew 1716 1708 3 W9 L2 L1 -B- W7  
5 Senko, Sean 1590 1582 2 L2 W9 W6 L3 -U-  
6 Alvarado, Arnold 985 1046 2 L3 -B- L5 W7 -U-  
7 LeBryce, Kosmo 1316 1279 1.5 -H- L1 -B- L6 L4  
8 Hull, Brian 1682 1699 1 W1 L3 -U- -U- -U-  
9 Ruhlman, Kate   1053 0 L4 L5 -U- -U- -U-  


Nov 16 2021 Results
No. Name Rate Post Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Rnd6
1 Sinnott, Alex 2140 2155 6 W6 W4 W3 W2 W9 W8
2 Cipollina, Anthony 2044 2045 4 -H- -H- W5 L1 W7 W9
3 Fonseca, Alessandro 2012 2019 4 W10 W9 L1 W5 W4 -U-
4 Weiss, Ed 1823 1831 4 W8 L1 W13 W9 L3 W6
5 Hanft, Andrew 1711 1716 3 W15 W6 L2 L3 W11 -U-
6 Senko, Sean 1590 1590 3 L1 L5 W7 W11 W12 L4
7 LeBryce, Kosmo 1322 1316 3 -H- -H- L6 W14 L2 W13
8 Alvarado, Arnold 982 985 3 L4 L11 -B- W13 W14 L1
9 Senko, Richard 1876 1852 2 W11 L3 W14 L4 L1 L2
10 Holland, Cody 1416 1395 2 L3 W15 L11 -B- -U- -U-
11 Mahovich, Andrew 1353 1365 2 L9 W8 W10 L6 L5 -U-
12 Nelson, James 1335 1327 2 -H- -H- -H- -H- L6 -U-
13 Davila, Isaias   634 2 -H- -H- L4 L8 -B- L7
14 Rivera, Jose   634 2 -H- -H- L9 L7 L8 -B-
15 Bonadonna, Pete 832 829 0 L5 L10 -U- -U- -U- -U-